East Lake

Located in the east of the Ancient City of Taizhou, East Lake was dug during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) for the navy to anchor ships and station troops. In 1071, Qian Xuan (1018-1085), the Magistrate of Taizhou, dredged the waterway into a lake and opened up a garden. Yu Yue (1821-1907), a great scholar on the studies of Chinese ancient civilization, wrote in his poem, “In Hangzhou there is West Lake, while in Taizhou there is East Lake which is like a small West Lake.”  

With a total area of 280 mu (186,666 sqm), East Lake is divided into three sections: the Front Lake, the Central Lake and the Back Lake. In the Front Lake, there are Waterside Villa, Rongxing Hall and Forest of Steles. In the Central Lake, there are Mid-Lake Pavilion, Bangou Pavilion, Memorial Temple of Luo Binwang, Qiaoyun Pavilion, Fengyuan Pavilion and Former Site of Woodman Temple. In the Back Lake, there are Qishui Garden, Small Jianhu Lake and Ocean Reef Garden.